Other Channels.

If you can, do more

Much focus is often placed on creating and operating good accounts on WeChat, Weibo, Youku etc. This risks neglecting the enormous marketing possibilities available on other platforms, online fora, groups etc. Channels such as Baidu Tieba and Douban (roughly comparative to Reddit), Baidu Baike (Wikipedia-like encyclopedia), Little Red Book and industry-specific platforms offer great opportunities for raising awareness of your products or services with your exact target groups.

Don’t reinvent the wheel - just use it

For most companies achieving awareness requires something more than establishing own channel or website. In our experience one the best solutions - both for impact and cost-effectiveness - is to identify a set of relevant 3rd party platforms and channels and work on and with them to raise awareness of your company and products. This is true for both B2C and B2B related companies as for non-commercial organisations.
Little Red Book


  • Identify relevant platforms
  • Develop a practical strategy and action plan for each platform
  • When relevant: Engage with the platforms to start cooperation
  • Create content and promote storytelling on the individual platforms
  • Engage with partners users and consumers
  • Establish clear performance targets
  • Weekly feedback and reporting
  • Social Listening
  • Community engagement


The romours of its death were greatly exaggerated...

As WeChat gained prominence as China's no.1 social media, for a time it seemed like Weibo would almost become superfluous. But things have developed differently and Weibo remains hugely popular - and an highly important marketing channel. Compared to WeChat it is both easier and substantially cheaper to do promotion and advertisement on Weibo. In short: Any company approaching the Chinese market with seriousness should also consider if/how it should utilize Weibo.
The short stories and frequent updates differ markedly from WeChat and Weibo remains popular with users. Promotion of content on Weibo is also relatively inexpensive. For these reasons Weibo can be a highly efficient channel for raising awareness and - when done smartly - also to drive more users to your WeChat account.
Weibo Account

What we do exactly

  • Register your Weibo Official account
  • All configuration and design
  • Marketing and storytelling
  • Engage with other channels and users
  • Account promotion
  • 24/7 trouble-shooting


If you can, do video

China has a number of video channels of which three stand out as the most important. One is the Youtube look-alike channel Youku. The other are the extremely popular short-video app Douyin and movie oriented BilliBilli. We strongly recommend that most clients utilise these channels in their online marketing.
In China video is probably already the most effective part of any social media effort, and to the degree possible it should be utilized fully. This obviously requires implementing relevant video on your own channels (WeChat, Weibo etc) but to maximise the leverage of your content you should also work directly on the most important video platforms. 

What we do exactly

  • Create new and China-specific content
  • In-house video production with real Chinese people
  • Register your official accounts on popular Chinese platforms
  • Adapt non-Chinese content for the Chinese market

Use real Chinese people

Creating authentic and relatable content for your Chinese customers is a must.

Market Research.

Get to know your Chinese customers

The Chinese market is very different from the western markets and companies often make wrong assumptions about their Chinese customers. Let’s not make the same mistake. We will help you organize focus groups, online and in-person surveys so you know who your customers really are.
Market Research in China


If you do it, do it right.

The advent of WeChat has made it a lot less important for companies to operate a Chinese website. Nonetheless, for some entities having a Chinese website remains a priority. When this is the case it is imperative to ensure the quality of the website from the perspective of the Chinese target group. As a general rule this means that the Chinese website should be hosted in China (to ensure that it loads quickly and without errors) and that the content is in faultless Chinese. Too often neither is the case, and instead of engaging and impressing your Chinese customers the result is the very opposite.
Having a Chinese website signals professionalism and commitment to the market. But far too often Chinese websites have the opposite effect: Poor, faulty - and often even incomprehensible - translations and slow loading times instead sends a sign of disrespect to your customer. Luckily most problems can be overcome easily and at low cost - making it all the more stupid not to do so.
Chinese Website

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Shanghai Jungle was founded in 2013. The company is based in Shanghai and solely focused on helping western companies, organizations and government agencies with their China marketing.

Our focus is mainly online marketing - but we also provide offline marketing, market research and other related services. Our team consists of Chinese, German, Danish and Czech nationals, which we believe enable us to both understand our clients and also the Chinese market. We currently serve more than 100 clients from 12 different countries.


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