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2 megatrends drive Chinese outbound tourism

The first is an incredible growth in the number of tourists, from 107 million in 2014 to 128 million in 2015 - on to an expected total of 200 million in 2020. The second is a rapid shift in the way they travel: Switching from old-fashioned group tourism to independent tourism (FIT). This mirrors the development seen in all countries around the world - but the change is taking place surprising early and quickly. 
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Short term promotions

There are 4 elements to consider before taking action:
  • Type of event (Concerts, festivals, marathons, conferences, exhibitions etc.)
  • Field of interests (Lifestyle, business, sports, music etc.)
  • Desired target audience and exposure rate (demographics and number of potential viewers)
  • Budget
Based on these 4 elements we identify the most suitable KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and handle all contacts, quality control, monitoring etc., making sure that the message you want to communicate about your event is crisp and clear.

Long term promotions

Besides the elements already listed under Short Term Promotion a number of highly efficient marketing measures should also be considered for more long-term promotion:
  • Chinese website and/or WeChat account. Not only ideal for communicating a strong China interest but also for engaging with users before and during the event
  • Engage in long-term cooperation with stakeholders, including media, interest groups, partners etc.
  • Online and offline feed-in events attracting interest towards the main event

We get the job done

At Shanghai Jungle we have developed a structured approach for attracting Chinese tourists to European cities, museums, attractions, hotels, restaurants and shops.

We call it The Jungle Funnel.

There is no magic to our method: Its strength lies in a precise targeting of the tourists desires and needs in each of the 4 phases - as well as the continuous reinforcing of our own work by promoting sharing among the followers and tourists themselves. 

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“The WeChat Mini Program you made for Frankfurt am Main is just fantastic."

Lisa-Valerie Hörth
Tourismus+Congress GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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“It was a blast working with you and your team! You have brought our product to China."

Lisa Schmidt
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“Thank you so much for all your work and keeping everyone in the loop."

Jenny Berthling
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Shanghai Jungle was founded in 2013. The company is based in Shanghai and solely focused on helping western companies, organizations and government agencies with their China marketing.

Our focus is mainly online marketing - but we also provide offline marketing, market research and other related services. Our team consists of Chinese, German, Danish and Czech nationals, which we believe enable us to both understand our clients and also the Chinese market. We currently serve more than 100 clients from 12 different countries.


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