All the platforms you need

The Chinese e-commerce market is dominated by two big players: Alibaba and Jindong. Each operates sub-brands tergeting different types of customers. In the recent years a strong competition emerged in the niche sectors of cosmetics, food, imported brands and many other. We’ll make sure you are listed on all the platforms that matter to your brand.
E-Commerce Platforms

What we do exactly

  • Identify relevant platforms
  • Develop a practical strategy and action plan for each platform
  • Submit documentation, trademark registration etc.
  • Register your brand on relevant platforms
  • Create product pages in Chinese (texts + design)
  • Adjust your content to the Chinese market
  • Establish customer service
  • Establish delivery service
  • Start sales
  • Community engagement

Your Tmall partner. Your Jindong partner. Your e-commerce partner.

Opening a store on the major e-commerce platforms in China comes with a lot of obstcales and challenges. We have experience opening most types of stores. We take care of everything for you.
  • Tmall / Tmall Global / Taobao
  • JD.com / Jindong / Jindong Worldwide
  • WeChat Store
  • Little Red Book, Suning, Kaola and more

China-based vs. Cross-border e-commerce

Questions, questions, questions: Are you going to ship your products to customers from abroad or China? Who is your target group? Where is your warehouse? This and other questions are crucial in deciding where you open your store. We’ll help you make the decision.
China ecommerce

Select the right option for you

Different platforms, different rules. Platforms will charge you differnt deposits, annual fees and comission.
Tmall JD deposit
WeChat Store

Interested in a different approach?

General word of advice: Tmall and Jindong is where you should be. But if you want to avoid deposits and comissions, there are other options. Chief among them: WeChat Store.

Be seen

Having your producst listed is only half of your success. We’ll make your brand truly visible.
Jindong and Taobao

Get in touch

Hit the chat icon on the bottom right corner and send us a message. Our agents will get back to you as soon as possible.
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“The WeChat Mini Program you made for Frankfurt am Main is just fantastic."

Lisa-Valerie Hörth
Tourismus+Congress GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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“It was a blast working with you and your team! You have brought our product to China."

Lisa Schmidt
woom GmbH., Austria

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“Thank you so much for all your work and keeping everyone in the loop."

Jenny Berthling
Stockholm Business Region AB., Sweden

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China at the centre of it all.

Shanghai Jungle was founded in 2013. The company is based in Shanghai and solely focused on helping western companies, organizations and government agencies with their China marketing.

Our focus is mainly online marketing - but we also provide offline marketing, market research and other related services. Our team consists of Chinese, German, Danish and Czech nationals, which we believe enable us to both understand our clients and also the Chinese market. We currently serve more than 100 clients from 12 different countries.


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